The Black Dragon Meditation Bench

Zapchen Somatics Retreat with Julie and friends.

An excerpt from the 10-day retreat at Bairoling Monastery.

Julie says that “when our bodies react to trauma or fear of trauma, we contract and, in contracting, our intelligence is reduced very considerably. This means that our capacity to respond to our circumstances (rather than react) becomes unreliable. So we are quite a bit more vulnerable than when we feel well and potent.

So here are a few reminders, a few hints how to recover. I often keep a simple list on the mirror in my bathroom. First I want to remind you that the experience or the expectation of trauma can easily make us stupid, which limits what we can do to protect ourselves or evaluate the situation.

And then, consider some of these … drink some warm juicy water, especially with a pinch of good quality salt—maybe Pink Himalayan.

Rest down into alignment. Find your favourite wisdom beings and ask for their company. If feeling especially generous, invite an entire mandala of wisdom beings of all sorts and allow them to protect you.

Hum through your whole body (this will help to change your neurochemistry in the direction of well-being.)

Sing a song that you like.

Sing a song that you make up to words of your own.  Let the words twist and laugh to lessen any power you may find in them. Let yourself laugh. And do horse lips and raspberries. Funny talking as well.

Dance your mistrust or distress. Stomp your resentment and refusal to be reduced. Moan and groan if it appeals to you.

Pat your heart.

Remember to do these things without contraction, compression, or bracing.

Always check to make sure of your wisdom company. Your best refuge is to notice openness, awareness, and presence.
Wish yourself and all beings well and happy”.

Bairoling Monastery Kathmandu Nepal. Black Dragon Seats Website

photo credit: k.bell



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