Well ‘n’ Happy Flags

May I be Well and Happy

May You be Well and Happy

May We be Well and Happy

May All Beings be Well and Happy

May the Whole Earth be Well and Happy.

Flags designed and created by Karen M. Bell. Originally handmade in Bali by a local artisan Putu. Currently made in Kathmandu, Nepal by local Tibetans. On location at Tabola Inn, the venue for the many Body Bliss Somatic Yoga Retreats

video credit: k.bell

This video doesn’t exist



  1. Love this video taking you along the washing line through the practise.

    Gotta find a place to hang me flags. So I see them everyday.

    When I think of finding a place it

    Reminds me of my Dad

    He chose to secrete a whole Stilton high up in a cool room which happened to be our downstairs toilet. We didn’t know if the odour was from the Stilton or Dad!!

    More Love from Peter

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I would like to buy a set of flags to send to the uk to a dear doctor friend I have just reconnected with who has had depression for 20 years.

    I call him YODA now after I saw his face of grooved suffering.

    Thanx. Love peter


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