Can We Heal What We Refuse To Feel?

Not likely. Sometimes seeing a counsellor/therapist helps to remove the layers of defence that restrict joy and aliveness. One of the earliest decisions we make under five years of age is that we can’t change what’s happening. When we are that young we can’t say anything about that. We may get hurt. As we become older one of the first things to recognise is that we don’t like the situation and begin to make some change; to ask, to move, to shift, to walk away or say something.

Both Western ‘Growing Up’ developmental psychologies and Eastern ‘Waking Up’ practices provide resources to assist the ‘unlearning’ of past hurts and betrayals. We can’t do it alone. Friends, family, therapists, teachers and community (sangha) can make the journey easier. We all need relationships, whether they be with others, animals, nature and wisdom beings of your choice.

photo credit: k.bell. Kathmandu, Nepal 2015


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