Is Your Head Above Or Below The Clouds?

Are you above or below the clouds? Right now. Today. This minute. Is your head above or below the clouds?

How do you find out? Close your eyes and with your inner mind’s eye visualize clouds. See yourself either under, above or somewhere between the clouds. Experiment with shifting your position. If above, go under. If under, go above. Notice your response and felt-sense.

Sometimes, a metaphor can give direct access to the quality of your inner self-talk.

Below the clouds, at least for me, has come to represent inner thoughts, feeling and emotions that pull me down. These are the thoughts, stories and beliefs that are negative and ‘make me feel small’, hopeless, sad, mad and bad.

With my head above the clouds, I feel glad – happier with myself. It is in this place I engage the type of thinking that allows me to feel good about myself and others. Even though it may be hard to accept, this type of thinking is a choice. These days it’s called mindful thinking. Although it certainly doesn’t feel that way when I’m under the dark, foreboding storm clouds.

The funny thing is that when my thinking/feeling is above the clouds I have difficulty imagining I’ll ever again be under the clouds as it feels so good to be above the clouds. And, then, one day I find I’m under the clouds again with my ‘stinking thinking’, my lousy feelings and heavy emotions.

This is what helps me. To mindfully and kindfully suggest to myself I could drop the doom and gloom story. To take myself outside in the fresh air for an easy twenty minute, or more, walk. To drink some water before leaving for the walk. And, when I get back to write down three things I’m grateful for today. And, finally to laugh with and at myself.

photo: k.bell. Bir, India 2016

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