What To Do When Everything Falls Apart

What to do when everything falls apart.

Go to water. Allow your tears to flow. Drink pure, clean water. Swim in the ocean. Run a hot bath with healing salts and soak your body, mind and energy.  Water your plants. Sit by a stream. Walk around a lake. And cry some more.

Dip your toes into a running river. Sit on the end of the pier and gaze to the horizon with the sun warming your back. Stand under a waterfall and invite your mind to cleanse inner pain and suffering. Place gorgeous flowers in a vase. Watch fish swim. Hear whales sing and cry some more.

Experience sound healing with crystal (fossilised water) bowls. Have a sauna and sweat it out. Watch an ice-cube melt as a metaphor for painful emotions dissolving. Spend time in good company with friends. Take a day off. Immerse your body in hot mineral springs. Hum, moan, groan. Cry some more.

Offer your tears to the clouds to bring rain to lands of drought. Play with a young child and a hose spraying water over newly planted seedlings. Watch wild animals drink from an ancient waterhole on a wildlife documentary. Let the waves of the sea pound your legs as you stand on the beach. Cry on a friend’s shoulder. Feel your tears streaming and fall from your face into your heart. Cry some more.

In time your heart may begin to overflow with compassion, irrigating your kidneys with kindness. The inner waters gather momentum and pour down to holding bowls for release back into the earth. Eat water laden melon cucumber and corn. Berries, apples and luscious peaches. Cry some more.

Meditate. Sleep. Rest. Watch a tear-jerker movie. The waterways, the ways of water will, over time, melt the inner frozen ice caps of fear, betrayal and sadness.  Invite thawing of the inner ice-cold hell to become running rivers of blue liquid life. Travel to the depths of yourself on rainbow beams to penetrate the grey and black caves of depression and despair.

Cry no more. Tears, if they come, can become tears of joy, gratitude and happiness, for the old ways had to go, had to leave, had to depart on dragonfly wings of love and compassion. The falling apart is the new beginning; lush, abundant and always green.  Your body mind awash with love and compassion becomes healing waters for others.

‘Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s learning to dance in the rain’. Vivian Green

photo: k.bell. Nov. 2016.  We put this quote on our outside garage wall at home in Ferntree Gully a few years ago. Originally it was a gift from my sister for the inside wall of Studio Soma, my yoga studio and counselling clinic. Filter by ToolWiz.

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