Living Economies – Time Banking, Food Exchanges, Savings Pools

The new economies are HERE NOW and exponentially increasing their stronghold at a grassroots levels across the world. These new paradigms and the innovative pioneers behind them are giving hope and aspiration to individuals and communities as the breaking down of the old ways of politics, big business and government continue.

Organisations such as Mutual Aid Network founded by Wisconsin, USA based Stephanie Rearick who is currently touring New Zealand is creating inroads into redesigning work for a cooperative and regenerative economy. Yesterday I attended Stephanie’s presentations in Masterton, New Zealand and her worldview of possibilities for humans on this planet is heartwarming.

As Stephanie says “the best part of my job as Creative Director of Mutual Aid Networks is reminding people that we can dream bigger and better than we’re used to, that we don’t need to be bound by a scarcity mindset, and working together we can make our big dreams into reality.

Living Economies New Zealand is an educational network promoting systems of exchange that foster community well-being. Working models include time banks, local exchange trading systems, savings pools and local food exchanges. Living Economies offer pathways to community resilience.

Timebanks New Zealand. New Zealand currently has 20 active time banks in the South and North islands. I recently joined Time Banking Australia. Check them out yourself. You may well find ‘offers and needs’ that suit your skill set and experience – with no money exchanging hands.

photo credit: k.bell. Well ‘n’ Happy flags custom designed flags by Karen M. Bell

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