Are You An Island?

I am a rock. I am an island. So goes the Simon and Garfunkel song. It can be a painful place. As a species we need connection and we like to huddle in packs.

I have a friend who often emotionally retreats to their inner island. A friendship such as this is hard to navigate.  If you have a friend who emotionally withdraws you will need to work a little harder with them to connect. They may be shy, fearful, alone, lonely and not sure of themselves. This is why, if you can, it’s worth going the ‘extra mile’ to share more of yourself with them. It may not be talking as such, it may be going for a walk, to the movies, fishing, camping or a phone call to say hi, ‘I’m thinking of you’, connecting on with social media with them and arranging a physical catch up.

We all crave connection, inclusion and being part of a ‘tribe’.

photo credit: k.bell. Henley Lake New Zealand stone painted by Karen

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