Life Breaks Me Open

Life Breaks Me Open. A stony metaphor for when life is too much. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and beyond what we feel we are capable of.

The cracks of white light are the inner light from within beginning to break open unhealthy egoic aspects of self. That aspect of us that feels small, finite and limited. The breaking open is often painful as we come to realise the suffering we have experienced has usually been self-created and a product of our restricted thinking, our squeezed down feelings, our suppressed emotions – all manifesting in behaviour that seems to control and dominate our experience. The breaking open means expansion into a new and different way of being. We become more of who we are meant to be in the world.

We can become joyful and begin to sense a greater story in our lives. We meet new and different people, we travel to places and come back renewed and refreshed with a different perspective and a more inclusive and expansive worldview.

Life is meant to break you open. It can be scary, dangerous, anxiety provoking as you are moving through the changes – that’s why it’s best to have friends, guides and way showers along the way. One day you come out on the other side feeling lighter, smoother, liberated with an inner YES to life. Cultivate that inner YES. It is you saying YES to life in all its technicolour forms.

photo credit: k.bell. Stone from Henley Lake and feather from long walk back home to Lansdown, Masterton New Zealand

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