Love Terma

Love Terma. I’d eaten lunch sitting on the stones by the river. I was drawn to a love heart in the hundreds of stones in front of me. When I went up close it wasn’t one stone it was the juxtaposition of three stones at the angle I was sitting.

What I call a Love Terma revealed itself – a message hidden in the stone.  ‘When two beings recognise each other at a soul level there is light/love and love/light radiating between and around them. Others see it, feel it and know it. They become beacons of possibility and role models to those aspiring to this level of connection, radiance and resonance. Sometimes this can be termed a beatific experience – either with one’s higher aspect or with another. This soul love is true and long and lasts eternally in the space beyond time.

More and more of these types of relationships are manifesting. They are a blessing. These relationships often form in later years of life as much experience has passed and openness, vulnerability and surrender are now possible as outer ‘duties’ have been met. Connect with these beings as they are lovers of life. Love, life and vitality move easily through these beings.

Terma means treasure and refers to Tibetan Buddhist (or Bon) texts and practices. They are teachings from the past to be revealed at an appropriate time in the world. A terton is a treasure revealer.

photo credit: k.bell. Stones from Henley Lake, Masterton New Zealand painted by Karen.

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