New Zealand Rocks

New Zealand Rocks. The stones and river rocks in New Zealand are amazing.  Just like the spirit of the land. In places there’s a very ‘anglo’ feel and then short walk reveals a native landscape, Maori street names and a morning sky blue and crisp to match the ‘Jack Frost’ crunch on the grass in winter.

Time spent painting the Well ‘n’ Happy mantra on stones is time spent simply being plus the added benefit of engaging the creative right hemisphere of the brain. Sometimes, seemingly waste-of-time creative pursuits are just what is needed to bring balance to a Western world polluted with a ‘success at all costs’ belief.

Go paint a stone and hide it at the base of a tree in a park for a kid to find and delight in. Check out the FB page for Upper Hutt Rocks (New Zealand) Upper Hutt Rocks for ideas and possibilities.


photo credit: k.bell. Rocks painted by Karen. Henley Lake, NZ


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