Well ‘n’ Happy Rocks

How to create your own Well ‘n’ Happy Rocks.

Go down to the river.

Find some river stones.

Clean the stones.

Paint the stones the five colours of red, yellow, green, blue and white. Let them dry.

Paint the Well ‘n’ Happy mantra on each stone. Let dry. The five mantras;  May I Be Well & Happy, May You Be Well & Happy, May We Be Well & Happy, May All Beings Be Well & Happy, May The Whole Earth Be Well & Happy.

You can choose to spray or paint with clear varnish to seal against rain and weather.

Place around your garden or inside your home in places that remind you to Wish Well ‘n’ Happy everytime you see the stone.

Give them away as gifts.

Hide in a park for someone, especially kids, to find.

Create your own designs. You can add glitter, ribbon, feathers, put them in pouches, wrap them up and hide them. If your river doesn’t have stones buy them online or visit your local craft shop.


photo credit: k.bell. Painted by k.bell Masterton New Zealand.



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