Where Is It?

I walked into his home for the umpteenth time over the last twenty-five years but this time the home-scape was different. There was a yellow post-it-note on the kitchen tap, the landline phone, stuck on the TV, above the stove and one on the toilet too.

The message was the same ‘Where Is It?’  I was puzzled, had he lost his mind, did he now need notes all over the house to remind him of something. After all, this good friend of mine was in his eighties and slowing down. But his mind was in wonderful working order. His body slower and heavier, but his mind, oh his mind was clear, open and his conversation full of humour. We laughed every time we were together.

With post-it-notes all over the house. I couldn’t contain myself. I had to ask. Mmmmm. ‘What’s with the Where Is It stickers everywhere? He smiled to me and himself as if he had a deep secret that only he was privy to.

He had devised a practice to help him become more aware of the comings and goings of his mind during his daily activities at home. The practice is that when his eyes land on a yellow note he asks himself the inner question ‘Where Is It?’ He said the practice enables him to notice how much he lives in the past with his thoughts. Thoughts about yesterday, decades earlier and last week. These thoughts were in the background of his daily going about activities, often coupled with emotional and feeling tones that kept him stuck in the past.

I was so taken with his practice that I began to practice it and even share it in the Rejuvenate … look, think, feel Grr88888 programs at Studio Soma.  Thank you, my friend, Bernie.

photo credit: k.bell

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