The Rainbow Dragon

The rainbow dragon glistened in the dew. As dewy drops of light glowed on her scales, her tail and her bright beating heart, she smiled. For she is a heart dragon, loving and caring for those in the human realm who are hurting, in pain or feeling the grief of loss and the suffering of attachment. Samsara is misery for many.

Her multicoloured dragon body corresponds to the chakras of the energy body of every human form. Whether cats, dogs or earthworms each physical form has an energy light body and this is where her work is of most benefit. For everyone who has grieved the loss of a child, the death of a parent, the harrowing experience of a sibling dying, the rainbow dragon is with you; unseen, hidden in the shadows. All her colours beam to you on the softest of breezes and the harshest of winds. Feel her vibrations on your skin soothing and softening the prickliness of painful emotions.

Renewing green for healing your hurts

Soft blue for finding words to express your truth

Yellow for inviting sunshine warmth to enter the grey tones of feeling bereft and alone

Passionate red to ignite bodily movement and walking afresh on the earth

Crystal white to cleanse and purify darkness and loss of hope


The rainbow dragon wishes you well and happy.

Can you hear the Rainbow Dragon’s mantra?

May the whole earth be well and happy

May all beings be well and happy

May we be well and happy

May you be well and happy

May I be well and happy


photo credits: k.bell.

photo 1:  Door tassels Dalia Lama’s Temple, Dharamsala North India 2016

photo 2: Bairo Tulku Rimpoche. Original painting by unknown 2012

photo 3: Balinese priest with hands in blessing mudra 2015

photo 4: Jade Blessing Ceremony, Atisha Buddhist Centre, Bendigo Australia 2013


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