Rainbow In Passing

For the last few days, I have been seeing rainbows and taking photos with my camera. On Saturday the 9th of September I awoke just after six in the morning and walked into the lounge room of the house I’m staying in Te Ore Ore New Zealand. My heart leaped at the stunning rainbow vista before me and I grabbed my mobile phone to take a photo.
Most of the land was still in darkness. Only the snow tipped Tararua Mountain Range in the distance had the sun shining on them as the day was still birthing.Β The green pastures below would be littered with sheep and cows. The silver slash is the swollen Ruamahunga river from recent rains.Β It was a freezing morning. Minutes later the clouds closed over and most of the day remained cold, grey and raining.
Hours later I came to hear via social media that my Teacher Bairo Tulku Rimpoche had left his body. I pray I meet at least one of his five new bodies. He is a great Dzogchen master.
The lineage I’m blessed to have connected with came about in 1988 when I met my Western teacher Dr. Julie Henderson. Julie’s teachers are Bairo Tulku Rimpoche and his son Gyalwang Drukpa of the Drukpa lineage of Vajrayana Buddhism.
May the rain continue to bow to extraordinary Teachers.
May all beings be Well ‘n’ Happy.
photo credit: photo 1 k.bell Masterton 2017. photo 2 k.bell – Julie’s altar Napa, California 2012. photo 3 unknown


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