PEAs in a POD movement

Karen is creating a movement.
The PEAs in a POD movement.
Planet Earth Actionists with People of Diversity.

It’s time for power to the people.

Power comes when individuals unite and work together for common causes. It is apparent to millions around the world that governments, corporations and big business is mostly looking after their own self-interests – the dollar and the economy at the expense of people and all living beings.

This is the beginning of the PEAs in a POD movement. It’s about bringing together the people who are standing up, speaking their truth, saying what they want and need in order for this planet and its peoples to thrive. My cause is to educate, inform and act at a local, state and federal level on the devastating effects of 5G. What’s yours? GMO’s, plastic in the ocean, chemtrails, cutting down of rainforests, poverty, treatment of refugees, cruelty to animals, ecocide?

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