Revolution in Consciousness

Many humans across the globe, on this round dot in the universe we call Earth, are recognising we are in a ‘change or die’ scenario.

In Australia as I type I look out and see a tinder dry land, smoke fills the air and lungs. The sun is cloaked in an eerie yellow tinge, much like my dead father’s nicotine fingers I recall from childhood. There is no wind to move on the haze, the heat and my heavy heart.

If I hear the words ‘unprecendented’, ‘climate change’ and ‘where’s the water gone’ again I’ll vomit a yellow the colour of the cloaked sun. But these are the time we are living in.  The backyard we live in, the route we travel to work, the skies, the air, the water situation; we can’t not notice anymore, we can’t say we can’t see, hear, smell and viscerally feel the shockingness of each day as we wake up and find ourselves living within.

A Revolution is required. Not a revolution of fighting in the streets and in the cities. Not a revolution of violence, of injury and mayhem. It is a Revolution of Consciousness. A waking up and a growing up of each and every one of us banding together in right action, appropriate push back to ‘authorities’ and standing in our sovereignty and dignity.

It is imperative that we demand clean air, fresh running water, food that is fresh, locally grown and untampered with, compassionate welfare for animals, media that is truthful, government that is for the people and not for themselves, corporations that are ethical and moral.

There is much that is wrong. There are millions who want change. It is a Revolution of Consciousness of billions of people that is required to see, hear and be the change we want. Find your cause, discover your ‘call to action’, connect with others and be the change. Live it. Sleep it. Walk it. And step into the future NOW.


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