How Bizarre Is My/Your World Right Now!

To use a metaphor. Right now I’m looking at an image way off into the distance. It is a mountain, lush and green with trees everywhere. I look away in another direction for a few seconds as if distracted by glitter. I turn back to the mountain. No mountain. There is a lake – a large, cool water lake. Where’s the mountain. It’s gone. Why? Where? When?

Bring it back. I want it back. I can’t fathom why a lake is now where the mountain was.

I’m on rocky ground. The unreal is real. Seismic changes in nanoseconds. My internal reality is quaking, breaking apart, crumbling into nothingness.

How do I rebuild. Note from Self: there is nothing to rebuild based on the old ways. Creation is making itself from the inside out. You are birthing a new you.

The mountain is now a lake. You are shifting from the mundane to the magnificent. From one dimensional to multi-dimensional. From linear thinking and doing to spiraling and circling in all directions. From small and contracted to wide open and spacious. From fearful and cranky to loving and compassionate.

The egg is cracking. The cocoon is stretching. Cells are expelling the poison of the past. Light is penetrating all shadow to reveal the naked, raw, vulnerable primal self.

Surrender to inner sovereignty. Anything else is founded on a pack of cards.

Climb from the cage. Undo the ropes. Unlatch the clasp.

Fly, fly, fly to the sky. Deep, deep, deep into the earth.

Rock yourself into existence. Hum into your corners. Breathe into the inner waters. Wriggle the niggle. Stretch the strain. Nourish the starvation and soothe the inner itch. Fire the energy of mitochondria with the dross of the past and the fear of the future.

Living in a world of sandpaper people when one’s wings are forming is to emerge caterpillar like from a cocoon of oppression into a rainbow hue multiverse.

Pulse the edges of your newly emerging reality gently, softly and kindly.

The old falls away lost to the past. Embers from within the ash ignite the new, the bold and the beautiful.

Go shine your light in the burgeoning New Earth. Pulsing itself, birthing itself through you and with you.

Shine. Shine. Shine oh glorious one.

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