Freedom Codes

Her handheld torch is illuminating the way. Walking in darkness in a tunnel it seems. The torch beam hits the ground as she walks creating a circle of bright light in the midnight darkness. A person, someone she does not know, is a little behind her and in their own lane so-to-speak. This person is following the path of the torch light with each forward step.

The one with the torch is a wayshower, a dragon rider. She knows her way around in the dark even though she can’t see. She has been here before and trusts her bodymind faculties; intuition, felt sense, skin sensations and energetic information coming to her from the space around her body. Her whole body is a global positioning system. She lives, breathes and moves in the energy field of the space she finds herself in. The information field is many metres around her, above, below and surrounding and within her physical body. Some would say it is her sixth sense, however she knows this intelligence is all of her senses; energetic and emotional, intuitive and somatic, local and non-local. Her training of many years creates a toroidal field as large as Gaia and beyond and as small as the tiny space in her heart.

The person she is showing the way takes steps into the beam of the light. Simultaneously, the earth, our Gaia, is pulsing codes of freedom, liberation and sovereignty upwards to meet the torchlight beam. This person, who could even be you, who is perhaps floundering in the 2020 apocalypse, is unknowingly receiving the codes with each step. Heart rate pulses of light codes are pulsing into the soles of their feet, up their legs and into their hips and torso, heart and mind. Each pulse lightening up the energy system. Each light pulse waking up, turning on, enlivening the bio-electric body.

The wayshower, the dragon rider shows the way from dark to light. She liberates all. A Bodhisattva of compassion. This is her prayer. May the whole Earth and all her beings experience freedom, liberation and sovereignty. We are the light of compassion. We are source. We are Gaia. We are healing and awakened action. We are wisdom. We are passion and power. We are gratitude in love and we are equanimity in joy. We are the light of compassion.

She writes these words from a blessed location and space. No police at the door as there is at the housing commission high rise flats in inner Melbourne Australia. No drones flying overhead spying on citizens. No government lockdown where she can’t leave her place of residence. No 5G or chemtrails (at least today). Her deep wish is for freedom, liberty and sovereignty for all regardless of race, religion, colour and creed and regardless of whether you are a two-legged, a four legged, eight legged or a multi-faceted cosmic being.

Light codes are also streaming to the Earth from Source. Lighten yourself up. Light up from within and without. Break open your freedom codes. The freedom codes are here. They are totally free. Available for all. The code breaker is an open heart, a compassionate mind and a willingness to care and share.

Freedom codes are NOT found in fear, dominance, control, nor violence, hate and war. Freedom codes radiate from within the Earth to the soles of the feet. Freedom codes rain/reign down from the sky into your crown (corona) and permeate in your heart and lungs. Breathe deeply the cool refreshing freedom codes.

The freedom codes release you from the inner and outer prison of your false beliefs, the lies of your government and generations of slavery. Untie the knots of subordinance. Release the veil of domination. Unchain yourself. Reclaim justice and sanity.

The reality of truth, truer truth and truest truth paves the way from dark to grey to light. From slavery to freedom. From domination to dominion. From dependence to inter-dependence. From death to awakeness. From suffering to compassion. From ritual abuse to right action. From killing to kindness. From annihilation to illumination. From heart brokenness to heart openness. From my in breath to your out breath.

The freedom codes of independence, freedom and sovereignty are here. However, it’s your choice; be the baa of the sheeple or the deep sweet breath of sovereign beings.

One heart one touch love.


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