Morning Walk

My heart is bursting with the beauty of nature

She cloaks me in her sublime sensuality

She ravages me with her tenderness. Her softness.

Oh Shining One I see you

Amidst all the beauty you shine as a golden orb of love and compassion

You cannot be captured try as I may

Your are for the faith of heart

See with your heart and you see everything

See with your mind and you see nothing

Dripping with sunshine my heart momentarily smiles

Then, my heart cries as I see you sitting on a bench with a friend and a child.


Your mouth, your nose totally covered.

What are you hiding?

Who has masked you?

Silenced you?

When I walk time forgets me

Space opens

A breeze brings gratitude wetness to my eyes

Break me open to my multi-dimensional self

After all we are cosmic being in the scheme of things

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