Daisies .. for the shadow children

Stay in today. Do your own thing. No where to go. Nothing to do. Just be in the moment. Right here. Now.

Breath and me. Sound and me. What’s in front of my eyes and me. The weather is touching skin and me.

Freshly washed hair. Clean body. Cold air in and out of my nostrils. A big yawn. Satisfaction. Mmmm. ……. Ah!

Body circling as I sit. Eyes close. A noisy yawn. Warm, so warm inside. Relieving tight shoulders. A deep long sigh. Gentle jiggling, stretching into places needing unwinding. Authentic, spontaneous movement brings aliveness and space into deep places inside my body. Humming into stuckness. Creating sound to smooth my edges.

The daisy chain arrives in my middle eye.

Queendom is ceremoniously placed on my crown. My sovereign self shatters everything I thought I was.

Soft belly. Tapping feet. Sensing Mother Earth caressing my soles with the majesty of her abundance.

More sound arises. Tones tuning and attuning to inner noises. Wistful. Soulful. Natural. Silent meditation unfolds. Initiation. Activation. Following with Peace.

I fill with light and I cease to exist

Sovereignity shakes hands in my heart

Union in singularity

Dissolution of duality

Severance of self in all-knowing Oneness

Paradox dissolved. Polarities pulse into the perfection of All That Is

Borders vanish. Boundaries merge. Great Oneness is a wave of wonder and awe.

All the inner clicks and clacks are gone

Floating in the fluidity of flow

Meandering serpent-like in fragrant hues of rainbow blessings

May the children know such bliss and all their trauma be gone


photo credit: k.bell


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