Rose Being

Have you ever been the rose you’ve picked?

It surrenders to your tender touch. Your skillful fingers and confident hands. Your exquisite sense of smell. Your grateful eyes.

The rose fully and totally gives its essence to your compassionate presence. The rose is not separate from you. For the rose knows its beauty in your soft eyes and kind heart. You reflect the rose unto itself.

It cannot be anything other than utterly beautiful. That which you are.

The same is true for the tiffany blue sky, the sentinel trees, the ever moving birds, water, clouds and velvety grass.

Recognise yourself in everyone and everything.

And, you will never harm again.


  1. 🌹beautiful🌹
    Brings to mind and heart, the feel of the soft velvety petals 🌹sensual scent 🌹and sacred sight🌹 of the rose…
    There’s softness and strength in its essence.
    Thank you for sharing 🥰🙏🌻


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