Fasting Time

Fasting Time.
Beginning Friday 13th Nov 2020.
Retreating from news mainstream media, social media, mainstream platforms that censor and intimidate.
Light food only
Bare feet on grass, naked earth and sand
Sun on the skin
Salt and magnesium flakes baths
Walking and being in nature and wild life
Inhaling ionized fresh air flowing from the lake
Communing with friends
Meditating, writing and creating art
Playing my quartz crystal bowl and hang pan
Tending to my veggie and flower garden.Resting, napping and sleeping
Exquisite essential oils
Fulfilling website orders for the Eco Peace Meditation Seat
Reading, gentle movement, bike riding
Sharing beautifully prepared food with friends. Hugs and laughter.
Zoom get togethers with high vibe tribe
Frequency holder of love, compassion, truth and sovereignity
For those who resonate I’ll meet you under The Tree.

photo credit: k.bell

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