Highway to Hell or Stairway to Heaven

Where is your lair. The trigger hair?

That which ensnares you to global untruths.

Once you recognise you don’t know that you don’t know

You have trip wired the noose around your neck toward freedom and sovereignty

Far removed from traps and death.

The tie around your throat binds you to corporate abuse.

The belt around your waist fattens you up for gluttony.

Red shoes laced with the screams of children; calling you, calling you.

Masked in order to mute your voice.

Curfewed to curtail and crowd control.

Bordered to bounty you to the made-up rule of the day.

Crossed and positioned, kept apart, separate and alone.

Injected to become AI drones enslaved to their putrid agenda.

Tracked, traced, coded and uploaded

Trading your fear for false freedom

All the while in single file your trial of denial is killing you

You are Kings and Queens

Yet obey and curtsey at false idols

Claim your crown.

Not the corona covid hoax cloaked in deception and indentured imprisonment.

Stand Up Now. Arise.

Do not consent to the highway to hell

Invoke the stairway to heaven to appear in front of you

One step at a time

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