Simply Metaphor!

London Bridge is falling down. Falling down. Falling down.

Immurement; punishment and sacrifice have opened the gates of hell.

But Notice – the heavens are reigning love and compassion upon your crown.

Helter-skelter you run and hide. Best to run to the sun and crest the coming tidal waves crashing the shore.

London town is burning down. Just like centuries ago.

The ‘plague’ this time is a play to your ego. It’s really a movie, an ugly pantomime to catch your mind, imprison your body and steal your soul.

You are the scriptwriter, not the government, the courts, the constabulary or jaded judges.

Create your own story. Otherwise the narrative is dictated by the dictators of the day.

The leaning tower too has fallen. Along with lies, deception and untruths.

The road less travelled will reveal itself. There is choice at the fork.

Find a friend and travel well.

The road less travelled will rise to meet each step you take.

Travel well my friend. For we are meant to meet again.

Stand strong in heart. Calm in mind. Steady in body.

One Heart One Touch Love.

Photo credit: k.bell

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