All The World Is A Stage

We are the cast and crew. The directors and producers. The gofers and gorging gorgons.

It’s a dam fine movie with cast and crew who don’t know what side they are on. Many don’t even know there are sides and the parts they have been rehearsing and performing.

There’s pestilence and plague. Poverty and pontificating. Skullduggery. Plots and subplots. There’s sedition and siege. Impeachment and imprisonment. Prostitution. Enslavement. Drug running and deceit. Ritual sacrifice and rigging beyond the pale.

The theatre is you. The world is your stage and an ever changing movie set.

One day you’ll discover your role. It’s never too late. Perhaps that of sleeper or silent majority. Controlled opposition. Presidential power or pimp extraordinnaire. Awakener or agitator. Judas judges. Corporate thieves. Your role has been chosen by you even though you don’t know your role.

Apparently pioneers have the most arrows in their back. Just as the media muzzles many and censors it’s awake and aware citizens.

Your role is not benign. See the pantomime. The movie of madness.

Actors are chipped and blipped. Mugged and drugged with injections enslaving and corrupting DNA.

We, the 99 percenters had better strip our false mentors for they shoot at the hip and chomp at the bit of wealth and fame.

The storyline of fattened pigs and fast food drama is unfolding daily as we sip our cool aid and strum our emotions into oblivion.

The affulent arrogant two-legged head-in-the-sand hopefuls wanting everything to get back to normal is given the dangerous role of being the last on stage.

Hooked on hopeium it’s time to realise there’s no normal and there’s nothing to get back to.

Act now. Your ass depends on your knowing and awakening. Perceiving between the lines is a skill highly regarded in these times of movie making where you are blinded by the glare of lights, accolades of delusion and rehearsals of rhetoric and revolution.

We are in epic times. Evolve to the YOU YOU were always meant to be

Gratitude to the artist.


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