The practice of sitting at the altar of self is to forgive before the need to forgive.

To shed tears before they are wrung from the body

To grieve before the loss of loved ones

For in forgiving today when tomorrow comes I will be free from anger, remorse, regret, hatred, violence, abuse, resentment and contempt.

In the worst possible outcome I will be able to love you.

Another’s error is not my error.

Another’s ignorance is not my ignorance

May pride not favour me nor shoot me in the back

May forgiveness now pave the way to future joyous celebration regardless of ignorance, death and decay.

For the fear of living is hidden in the illusion of death

Deep inner knowing is clouded by ignorance

Decay is the rot of refusing to accept pain and suffering

Primordial beingness is your natural adornment

Your illumined beauty within

You can never die because you always were

Art credit: unknown. Gratitude and appreciation to the artist


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