Jewel of the Heart

I arise as the almighty one

From beginningless time

Protector of all children

Vajrayogini; skydancer yogini

Power and passion

Reclaim profound action

Protect the little ones,

the innocent and the young

Phire the heart lotus

One thousand petals of reflected love

Compassion, care and joy

Primordial peace for all

Our ways are full of wonder

Our practice of sound and mantra

Dance in the fire of purification

You salvation of self

Dedicated to Bairo Rimpoche, emanation of Vairocana

photo credit: k.bell from thangka created by artist Ngawang, Kathmandu, Nepal 2013

Vajrayogini is a tantric Buddhist female Buddha and dakini (sky-dancer). Vajrayogini’s essence is ‘great passion’, a transcendent passion free of selfishness and illusion. She intensely works for the wellbeing of others and for the destruction of ego clinging.

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