Dark Knight

A wise teacher once said “it’s the pioneers, the visionaries and the artists who change the world”. Sadly, “they are the ones who have deadly arrows, brutal bullets and demonising words aimed at them – crucifixion by others. Change the world they do. Ahead of their time they forge new pathways as the old crumbles.

They are the way seers and showers the seeders of vast possibilities, light bearers and shadow transformers, false reality busters and brave whistleblowers. They come dressed as grandmothers and god-like teachers. Spectrum children and special forces. You and I. Neighbours and bosses.

Persecuted – by those with eyes wide shut. Shunned by those who bow to the rules given that day. Ridiculed by those whose minds are closed as their parachutes plummet to earth.

May you be forgiven before the need to forgive. May the heart allow before it says no. May you let go before holding on suffocates you.

You are a miracle. You. And You. And You.

Do not delay entering the dark night of the ego.

It leads to the Knight of Your Soul …

photo credit: k.bell


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