Armed for Peace

It’s time to replace the black-clad mercenaries of this world with the organic, pureblood new human.

Criminals and cabals, on and off-planet, be gone forever.

The new protectors are turning tasers into truth lasers

Loading guns aiming to liberate the oppressed

Bullets of restitution firing radical renewal

Batons of brutality igniting beacons blazing the way

White hats wielding warrants of wisdom

Exchanging words of bamboozling and confusion into light coded information imparting right action.

Handcuffing no-one. Calling in resonant rainbow codes to calm and soothe.

Boots and badges offering kindness and gladness

Draw your sword of fierce compassion in words, deed and intention

To meet with a saviour

Yourself in uniform

Uniting us all

The common unity.

Is community

 art credit: unknown. Gratitude and appreciation to the artist

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