May you stand in Grace

Injected with far-seeing vision

Inoculated against fear and fright

Escaping tyranny and treason

To the Pure Lands of Eden, Shambhala, and New Earth

May you stand in Truth

Erect in discriminating wisdom

Standing mask free from lies and deceit

Scales of justice and kindness your measure of self

A clarion call of morality and ethics summoning right action

May you sit in Contemplation.

Quite. Still. Silent.

Inviting blinding suns of clear sight to pierce veils of arrogance

Recognising you don’t know that you don’t know

Ancestral ignorance burning in flames of forgetfulness

May ancient lore of the Pure Lands prevail

Drowning corporate laws of greed and domination

Grace. Truth . Contemplation.

Precious jewels of Soul, Mind and Body

photo credit: k.bell. 100 acres Norfolk Island

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