Bodhisattva Vow

The Bodhisattva vow of love and compassion is to breathe in the pain and suffering of sentient beings into every cell of the body.

Alchemically transforming and transmuting within the inner heart and breathing out love and compassion to self and other.

Tonglen becomes an embodied and spiritual planetary practice with galactic reverberations.

Reverence becomes the severance from separation and division, race and creed, colour and belief.

Green Tara of awakened action is with you. Enlightened activity becoming second nature. Om Tare Tutture Ture Soho is her song/mantra.

Yellow Manjushri’s wisdom is wealth beyond words. His dig is short and sweet Om Ah Ra Pa Sa Na Di.

Vajrayogini of passion and power permeates your pathways of blood and chi. Outer, inner and secret too. Her song is secret.

Medicine Buddha’s healing hues of blue calm and soothe.

White Chenrezig of Great Compassion cascades upon your crown. Om Mani Padme Hum.

These five aspects deeply abide within stillness. To radiate from your skin into spacetime and beyond. Creasing the fabric of creation with diamond rainbow light.

You are Source. Light. All That Is.

You are Gaia, Mother Earth. The soil.

You are the Light of Compassion.

photo credit: k.bell. Emily Bay Norfolk Island 2022

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