Thirteen Stones of Masterton

Sometime in the future an outdoor interactive creative art installation is planned as a vehicle to explore one’s psychological and emotional response to rock art ‘found’ whilst being in nature.  The words of  Socrates fall into my mind –  ‘the unexamined life is not worth living’.  The multimedia installation incorporates movement of the body and of seeing, of sound and sensing to explore the outer landscape. The inner landscape can be explored as values and beliefs of the psyche are engaged.

Almost every day I walked around Henley Park Lake in Masterton New Zealand. Through the park, down to the river and along the banks of the Waipoua River. Thousands and thousands of stones. I’m drawn to these stones. Some have faces, others are heart shaped and many have images of birds and animals.

I’m drawn to these stones again and again and pick up some and touch their smooth, cold surface. Ideas spring to mind and I find myself creating stories. Over time these stories begin to take shape. I write them down. I intend to ‘steal’ thirteen stones. And thirteen stories. I buy paint and brushes and take home a couple of stones. I begin painting the stories on the stones. Some happy. Some sad. Some strange too.