karen m. bell (aka Kaila)

In 2016 Karen began this blog as an accumulation of decades of teaching yoga & meditation in Australia, Bali and Nepal as well as many years in private practice as a somatic psychotherapist. Her interest in bridging Western and Eastern embodied living culminated in focusing on creative manifestations of her ‘Well ‘n’ Happy practice (2009) and taught to hundreds of students.

The Well ‘n’ Happy prayer flags are waving in the wind all over the world. She is working on a ‘well ‘n’ happy’ book for children with experiential games and meditations and designing a whole food mandala garden. The Well ‘n’ Happy mantra is completed and The Love and Compassion for Everyone song is a work-in-progress.

In 2017 Karen took a sabbatical for ten months living and writing in New Zealand. Karen works with Colin Steele, in the design and manufacture of the Black Dragon Meditation Benches in Numurkah, Victoriara..

Karen founded Somatics Australia in 1995 as a platform of her 21 years of teaching yoga and leading retreats. She created Studio Soma as a dedicated space for yoga and wellbeing in the Yarra Valley where health practitioners came together to offer services to the community.

Even though I blog on this site it is not mine alone. It is ours, it belongs to us. It’s not about me, it’s about us. Your comments, stories, additions are important for this to become an ‘us blog’ and not a ‘me blog’. Thanks for reading this far.


  1. Love your vibe and your work
    Thank u for being such an inspiration
    Can’t wait to see your
    Next creations
    Thank u from one soul to another Gini Eagle


    1. Hi Gini,

      Hi Gini,

      Thank you so very much for your kind and generous words.
      Yes … as one soul to another I wish you and all those who come into contact with you Well ‘n’ Happy.

      With Love
      Karen Bell


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