wishing well ‘n’ happy practice


The basic practice is the Wishing Well ‘n’ Happy practice. It is a twelve breath movement inspired practice with a focus on an ever-expanding heartfelt intention cultivating loving-kindness and compassion for self and all sentient beings.

This simple, yet profound practice incorporates movement, breath, and intention. Within yogic philosophy, the creation of intention or goal is known as Sankalpa (Sanskrit). From a Buddhist worldview, the wish that others be well and happy incorporates two of the Four Immeasurables; compassion and love (the remaining two are joy and equanimity).

The Wishing Well ‘n’ Happy Practice is a heart opening gesture to generate and cultivate well-being and happiness for self, others, all human beings, all beings (animals, insects, life in the ocean and on the earth) and the whole earth. The practice facilitates moving from an egocentric worldview to ethnocentric, world-centric and finally cosmo-centric.

To wish self and others well are to wish that all beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering. This intention creates inner space for compassion to arise. The wish for self and others to be happy and to create the causes of happiness is based on unconditional love. To love without attachment is the feeling of wanting others to have happiness.

The Wishing Well ‘n’ Happy Practice was created by Karen in 2009 (revised 2013, 2015, 2017) and influenced by Zapchen Somatics, Hatha Yoga, Vajrayana Buddhist practice, Western psychotherapy and Eastern philosophy.

In 2018/19 two additional practices were added. The second practice is the Love and Compassion practice with movement and breath similar to the Wishing Well ‘n’ Happy practice. The third practice is known as the Jewel in the Heart and incorporates light body/energy body activations.  In 2021 whilst on Norfolk Island additional ‘components’ have been added to the Jewel in the Heart daily practice.  

Filmed in 2012 at Subak Tabola Inn, Sideman Bali Indonesia

The journey of the Well ‘n’ Happy Flags. In 2011 when leading retreats in Bali the idea of creating Well ‘n’ Happy Tibetan style prayer flags was born. The first few hundred were handmade by a beautiful Balinese man, Putu Sukado aka ‘our man in Bali’.

In 2013/14 and now teaching in Kathmandu, Nepal the second generation of the flags were printed by Tibetan nuns.

In 2016 the third generation of flags was printed in Bir, Himachal Pradesh, North India by Tsering Wangchuk of the Bir Tibetan Society. Tsering continues to make the Well ‘n’ Happy flags.

The Well ‘n’ Happy mantra was added to the mix in 2016 and in 2017 whilst living and writing in New Zealand two songs have been added. The first is Love and Compassion for Everyone and The Vast Connection Call. They will be available in the future once the music has been composed and the songs produced professionally.