Free the Peace

We polarise when taking sides.

Imagine a bird flying in the sky.

Two wings.

Polarisation, or giving more weight to one wing upsets the balance and flight path of the bird.

A path of peace in the movie of chaos and order, heaven and hell and villan and hero is paved by you.

Allow no other player in the unfolding script to tip the balance.

Stay in your lane.

Fly your best story today.

High in the sky.

photo credit: k.bell of Tazleme on Norfolk Island

Close to the sun.


  1. What a pity you cannot see what a hypocrite you are – reading your other posts but specifically stating this: “Not the corona covid hoax cloaked in deception and indentured imprisonment.” YOU have clearly ‘chosen a side’. I feel pity for you.
    Sadly it seems you have gone down the rabbit hole with conspiracy theories – this alone now stops me from buying one of your meditation seats, since I will never support a company who states their conspiracy theories to potential customers.


    1. Thank you for your view. Fortunately my daily meditation practice is revealing how polarisation of any one ‘side’ is just that; a polarised view, and therefore unbalanced.
      I do need to state the meditation seat business is owned and operated by another person. I do occasional admin and soon will no longer be employed by the company. Any reflection on the company by my personal views is not intended to create division.


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