The Return – moon in the mouth of a dragon

May you arise as the resplendent one.

Primordial space your garment

Beginningless time your watcher

Blazing with fire eyes wide open

To the passing parade of all that is collapsing

Returning to formless form awaiting transmutation

Allow remorse to drip from your face; your mask of impunity

Invite regret to burrow deep into compassionate embrace

Surrender false pride to your hero’s emptiness – nothing; no thing. No where; now here.

When your face falls to your chest the mask of pretense fails

As your eyes open to horror you close your views of contempt

As your mind lessens its grip on drip fed false realities you begin to digest the truth of tyranny and deceit.

As you walk away from journeys of mountainous lies you slide into valleys of radical aliveness

When I don’t exist in your world you annihilate yourself. Isolate your heart. Refuse to shelter and feed yourself. And close the door to kindness, care and compassion

When empty you fling yourself in all directions for that which is within

You journey outwards to sit at the table of celebrities and false idols

When Grace is within abiding your return.

Your closet of clothes now feed the mites

Your potions and lotions poisoning waterways

Your sky trails of aluminum and barium return to earth to lodge in cancerous cells.

A badge of opinion stops you.

A uniform of questionable authority pulls you up.

A mandate of restriction shortens your leash.

A curfew of time barricades you.

Rulings given in media produced convoluted conversations confuse and confound you further.

Running in circles chasing our tails

Jump off the hurdy-gurdy and stand free. Alone together.

Walking a labyrnith of mystery and magic

Journey to the forests away from freeways

To the sea and sand escaping skyscrapers of screens and soul destroying scripts

Verdant valleys await you

No more defilement of your radiant reclamation of Self

Once you see the play of shadow and light you are beholden to neither

Slipstream into space on slivers of your soul

Savouring every scene, act, beginning and ending, star roles and minor parts

The movie of mayhem is ending

Majesty cloaks you in searchlights of sunshine and sounding of the spheres

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